10/10/2020 - ANNULÉ

St. Patrick's Day Reloaded

Na Leanai (pronounced Na Lah-nee)

The band members grew up as sons and daughters of the famous Northern
Irish family band The Sands Family.
With fiddles, flutes, guitars and percussion they play haunting airs that speak to
the soul, lively jigs to set the feet tapping and enthral with close vocal harmonies
that will give you goose bumps.

Sorcha Turnbull (Daughter of Anne Sands)

Ryanne Sands (Daughter of Ben Sands)

Eimear Keane (Daughter of Anne Sands)

Fra Sands (Son of Hugh Sands)

Moya Sands (Daughter of Tommy Sands)


The Kilkennys

A traditional Irish folk and ballad band, The Kilkennys are noted for their dynamic
arrangements, energetic performances and charismatic rapport with
audiences across the globe.

The Kilkennys are a great band upholding the Irish Folk/Ballad tradition with a
contemporary style. Matching the passion & stories with these songs.
We are very happy to welcome them again in Luxembourg for celebrating
St. Patrick’s Day.
The Kilkennys live is a fantastic show!

Davey Cashin (vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar, whistles)

Tommy Mackey (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals)

Robbie Campion (banjo, guitar, madolin, vocals)

Mick Martin ( bodhran, uilleann pipes, low whistles, guitar, vocals)

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